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nflow helps you take back control

and saves you 2 hours per day

The typical knowledge worker now spends 4.1 hours/day on email. And if you’re a Slack user, figure 70 messages per day. And that’s not counting the rest...

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All in one place

‘nuffsaid integrates your email, chat, Salesforce, LinkedIn, SMS and more into a single customizable view.

Brianne Kimmel

"This is what work communication should have become years ago. Having everything in the same workspace is a game changer."

Brianne Kimmel
Founder and Managing Partner, Work Life Ventures
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Work smart

Your AI assistant automatically prioritizes your email, chats, meetings and tasks, and eliminates tedious activities like data entry.

Christian Elebiary

"My customer communication is always prioritized over other stuff that comes in which keeps me focused on the work that matters"

Christian Elebiary
Senior Client Success Manager, Pegasystems

Application features

Streamlined calendaring

Stop switching between your task list, email, and calendar. With ‘nuffsaid you can drag and drop messages and tasks into your calendar, then back to your inbox.

Integrated tasks

The days of a separate task list are gone. Easily convert messages and meetings into tasks, assign them, and get auto-alerts when tasks are overdue.

But there’s a bigger picture here

‘nflow is just the beginning, the foundation for an integrated whole we call Workflow Intelligence

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AI driven solutions for business
Get actionable insights across the organization

'ntel understands who you are at work, and integrates with your main work apps. Then your AI assistant focuses you on work that matters for your department.

customer success

Customer Success

Access early and rich customer data that reveals hidden risks that aren’t captured by health scores, such as issues with internal customer processes, backlogged feature requests, etc.



Minimize quality and schedule risk by assigning work to engineers based not only on types of tasks but also past performance on those types of work.

Product Puzzle


Make better prioritization decisions with dollar weighted feature and bug requests, summarized by customer health and renewal date.

marketing chart


Attribute revenue to marketing spend and campaigns via automatic cross-referenced scans of all internal communication with customers.



Predict which prospects are more likely to close so you can focus on the ones that matter most.

recuriting organization


Identify which types of potential hires are more likely to close, so you spot high likelihood opportunities before the competition does.

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Meet the team

Our mission is to centralize the world's work apps and focus people on work that matters

Chris Hicken profile image
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Chris Hicken

Co-Founder, CEO

Chris has 15 years experience in B2B software as a leader, investor, advisor and board member. He spent 8 years as President & COO of UserTesting becoming an expert in creating great experiences.

Nick Paranomos profile image
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Nick Paranomos

Co-Founder, CPO

Nick is a Haas graduate and management consultant with over 10 years experience in strategy, operations, product, and marketing for tech companies from startup to Fortune 500.

Hari Rajagopalan profile image
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Hari Rajagopalan

Co-Founder, CTO

Hari has 10+ years of experience building engineering teams both at startups and large companies. He co-founded Chatbase, a conversational analytics company at Google.

Nhi Ha Truong profile image
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Nhi Ha Truong

VP of Finance

Nhi Ha has over 10 years of experience in banking and finance with Fortune 500 companies. She is an advisor for multiple startups and emerging enterprises on corporate development and capital strategy.

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Brook Perry

Director of Marketing

Brook is a strategic marketing leader with experience building programs that drive remarkable brands. Before ’nuffsaid, she led GitPrime’s content marketing team from startup through a $170M acquisition.

Joshua Hicken profile image
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Joshua Hicken

Director of Product & Success

Josh has 6 years experience in Customer Success and Services as both a leader and practitioner. He founded the Success Org at GitPrime, a B2B SaaS startup that exited for $170m.

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